As Forrest Yoga’s Musical Shaman, Jose Calarco’s role is to bring life and presence into our ceremonies, to open the gateways of the heart and to permeate people with hope and kindness. The Ceremonial Music and Healing Jose brings has the power to light up the brain and reorganize broken patterns in the electromagnetic field.

Jose has spent over 25 years as a world music pioneer and with his Indigenous tribe from Australia, Descendance Aboriginal Dance Theatre, where he learned to use music as medicine, and to sing into people’s bones and touch the intimate recesses of their soul. As a music composer, Jose offers a rich diversity of styles, covering Contemporary, Traditional, Classical, World, Folk, Pop, Rap, Ambient and Dance. Jose includes all these styles into Forrest Yoga. As a Musical Shaman he skillfully creates “Dreamtime” soundscapes, which lure the students underneath their mental clutter and allows them to delve deeply on an internal vision quest, where they can begin to observe themselves from lofty heights of their own spirit.
Jose skillfully uses his music and magic to create beauty moments in each class, offering the students pleasure, joy and motivation. Jose’s Ceremonies are somewhat like fireworks going off in the brain, creating a web of ecstasy which connects every area of the brain together….
Music plays an integral role within each Forrest Yoga event taught by Ana and Jose. Jose has created a Rainbow Hoop of Musicians and Dancers worldwide: a network of master artists of various cultures from around the planet, including over 30 indigenous performers, who collaborate and co-create with Forrest Yoga. Jose’s experience as an artistic director guides him to intuitively weave these artists into Forrest Yoga Ceremonies, creating Spiritual exhilaration for the students. Many of Jose’s original compositions were penned from his journeys into the Dreamtime.
Jose and Ana have shared their songs and medicine at every Forrest Yoga event since their cosmic collision in 2014. Beyond their yoga events, JoseAna enjoy producing heartfelt musical recordings and films that can be found on YouTube and iTunes. JoseAna produce songs& films that enliven the Spirit and inspire the heart. Their music seeps into places that are untouched by words.

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