Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco are dedicated to saving and nurturing our precious world. Through the teachings of a wise nutritional strategy and through their Spirit pledge to Mend the Rainbow Hoop of the People, Ana and Jose are guiding their students to be powerful and compassionate stewards of of our one & only home planet, Earth.

The teachings of Veganism bring more focus to our foundational soul ethics: feeling our connection to nature, living with awareness of being part of the Great Mystery,  helping our people by giving assistance where needed, respecting animals and the delicate interlacing of all life.

We all want to make a difference in this world. By eating a plant-based diet, each person contributes to helping the Earth and ozone layer come back into balance. Being Vegan cleanses the toxicity of the animals’ suffering (and the pharmaceuticals they were fed) out of our cell tissue, and brings in new, brilliant vitality. Every day you get to choose food that promotes healing for yourself and the planet.

Vital Health

9 Steps to Conscious Eating
by Jose Calarco

  1. Eat Organic (Organic food has 83% more nutrients & contains no chemicals)
  2. Eat Local (Eating fresh local produce is far superior than eating cheap imported foods which are already weeks old and have lost their vitality before getting onto market shelves)
  3. Eat Raw (Cooking food leaches out most of the nutrients: steaming, baking and light grilling is far superior to frying: work towards a 70/30 ratio of Raw vs. Cooked)
  4. Go Vegan (Nothing will benefit the planet, the animals & your personal health more so than adopting a Vegan diet)
  5. No Garlic and Onion (Stink foods have absolutely no place in our diets and are highly detrimental to our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical wellbeing: These foods cause foul breath, body odor, heartburn & acid reflux. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, being clean on both the outside and inside is a step to spiritual purity & integrity)
  6. Don’t Overeat-Drink lots of Water (Overeating is a modern day epidemic for both Vegans & meat-eaters alike, which depletes our energy & turns our food into poison. Always leave space in the belly after each meal… Some of the most important steps to good health are to eat moderately, occasionally fast & drinks lots of water between meals: Never drink anything during a meal)
  7. Eat with the Circadian Rhythms   (1) From 4 am to 12 noon is the cycle of ELIMINATION (fruit & liquids only)  (2) From 12 pm to 8 pm is the cycle of APPROPRIATION (This is the most efficient time for digesting & eating larger quantities of food) (3) From 8 pm to 4 am is the cycle of ASSIMILATION  (Eat nothing if possible, This is the time nutrients are absorbed via the organs)
  8. Listen to your Body after each meal, tune into your body. If certain foods are not digesting well & making you feel bloated or ill, then leave them out of your diet. Watch out for food allergies, your body will give you signs what it does and does not want.
  9. Blessing your food with Love & Gratitude. Eat with the feeling of receiving life; See your relationship to food as an interface with nature; pray over every meal and eat mindfully.


Jose says that there are three great reasons to become Vegan;
1. Compassion. Do not support immoral industries that treat animals like lifeless commodities. Profit has no conscience.
2. Environment. Factory Farming and affiliated industries that produce meat and dairy products are primarily responsible for much of the planet’s environmental crisis.
3. Health. Vegans have 40% less risk of cancers and serious diseases. Harmful toxins and chemicals in food are 14 times greater when stored in animal tissue as opposed to plants.

The plant based lifestyle dates far back in our planet’s history, originally called the Pythagorean Diet, named after the Godfather of mathematics & vegetarianism, Pythagoras, who lived from 570 BC to 495 BC. Even Albert Einstein once said, “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival as much as an evolution to a vegetarian diet.

Oh my people! We are at a crisis point. Just becoming Vegan can turn this tide of disaster. – Ana Forrest

Together we can all protect and heal the Earth and the creatures. We just need to further connect with our bodies to feel what genuinely works best, then evolve from that. We can take responsibility for our own evolution! How cool is that?