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May the Rainbow always touch your Shoulder

Under One Sky

Walk in Beauty

Ancestral Voices

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Practice these classes with Ana & Jose

Plus a monthly growing selection of Guardian taught online classes.

May the Rainbow always Touch your Shoulder

Part 1
May the Rainbow always Touch your Shoulder

Part 2

Part 3
Path of the Ancestors

Under One Sky

Workshop 1
Under One Sky

Workshop 2
The Other Side of Fear

Workshop 3
Touch the Earth

Walk in Beauty Series

Workshop 1
Hip Opening

Workshop 2
Back Bends

Workshop 3
Hip Opening & Inversions

Fire of the Spirit, CET

Continuing education for practitioners and yoga teachers.
This 10 hour CET gives you tools for designing a new internal landscape as well as teaching your students to to do the same.
3 intensives of ca. 2 hours each
3 tutorial segments of 45-60 min

Journey of the Warrior
Workshop 1
Unraveling the Mysteries of the Neck, Shoulders and Hips

Workshop 2
Fascinate on the Mysteries of your Internal Wilderness

Workshop 3
Journey of the Warrior

Ancestral Voices

Class One
Woori Ombunji:
Spiritual Baptism for Awakening Spirit

Class two
Yama Wiri:
Calling in Good Energy Spirit

Class three
Yelli, Yelli:
Shed Your Old Skin

Yoga of Mindful Eating

Video One
Tools for Healthy Eating

Video two
Ana’s 5 Step Formula for change and designing the Life you Desire

Video three
Sun Exercises for Breaking Addiction

Video four
Learning to Live in Beauty

Video five
Shedding Your Old Skin – How to Invite More Love and Feeling Into Your Life

Video six
Yoga of Mindful Eating – Breathing into Your Power Centers: Brahmari Pranayama for the Chakras

Video seven
Brighten Your Heart and Spirit

Vintage Ana Forrest classes and Bonus Videos

Creating Embodiment Yoga Practice
Creating Embodiment Yoga Practice with Ana Forrest

Stalking your Fear
Beginner and intermediate backbending class

Video One
Forrest Yoga Backbend Class

Video two
Pleasure of Strength long version

Video three
Nourishing your heart

Video four
Pleasure of Strength short version

Video five
Basic Moves

Video Six
Advanced Yoga Demo

Classes with specific intents

Dispersing Anxiety
Intermediate class with hip focus

Embody the Sacred
intermediate class twists and hips

Resilience class
Intermediate level, hips, twists, inversions