Forrest Yoga Guardians are highly experienced Forrest Yoga Teachers who are carefully hand picked by Ana and Jose. Guardians hold a place of honor and integrity for the Forrest Yoga teachers. Guardians pledge to be the keepers and protectors of the Forrest Yoga legacy. They pledge to do their part in Mending the Hoop of the People, by mentoring the Forrest Yoga teachers. Guardians strive to embody the ethics, principles & teachings of FY. They train intensively with Ana and Jose to stay current and up to date with Forrest Yoga’s evolution. Each Guardian brings their unique experience and insight to the students’ continuing education.

Ann Hyde
My teaching style has developed over 21 years and has been influenced by many outstanding teachers.  Ana Forrest and the Forrest Yoga system have been inspiring me since 2004.

When I took my first class with Ana I knew right away that my yoga practice was going to get up-leveled, rinsed out and re-examined in many ways.

The dedicated focus on the pillars of Forrest Yoga: Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit have helped me gain confidence through clarity. Instead of simply believing a concept, Forrest Yoga has taught me to feel, and to trust my own experience as the truth.  In this way, I have grown at my own pace and learned from my mistakes and my gifts. I can feel space and sparkle glowing inside me and I can command a position on my mat and in my life.

I am grateful for all my teachers, including my students and my closest mentor, my breath.

I am currently an honorary Guardian on sabbatical which means I am not running a mentorship program at this time.

I am teaching at Montrose Yoga Co-op in Houston, TX and my classes are all 2 hours long. It’s wonderful to experience all that breath filled time.

Denise Hopkins
Denise began her yoga journey after working for 13 years in the NYC fashion industry.  Yoga became her saving grace to the competitive nature of the business.  In 2005, she decided to take the Forrest Yoga training based on gut instinct. It was life changing.  She completed her training with founder Ana Forrest and has spent over 10 years teaching in NYC and recently the Hudson Valley.

Denise assists Ana nationally at teacher trainings and leads her own workshops for students and yoga teachers. She travels to teach Hands-On Assisting workshops and teaches annually at Omega Institute.

In 2010 Denise partnered up with Kate Lubensky to create Yoga for Breast Cancer, a DVD created to address the needs of breast cancer battlers and survivors.   It was so well received that they recently produced two more DVD’s entitled Gentle Yoga for Cancer and Yoga for Heart Health.

Denise draws from her strong sense of intuition and passion for hands-on healing.  She has a knack for reading the energy of students and responding to what they need.  Denise’s way of instructing is direct, clear, and inspiring.  It is her desire that every student feels seen and understood.  She also incorporates her work with Cranial Sacral Therapy into her hands-on assists and private sessions.

Darin Volwiler
Just a yogi on my journey.  The biggest thing you can learn right now is that our paths are often difficult, never perfect, and always an adventure.

I am a Forrest Yoga Guardian and owner of Dragon’s Breath Yoga in Washington, DC.  I completed my FY Guardian training in March, 2018 and bought DBY in September,2018.

My path to yoga began years ago to help athletic recovery.  After life threw a detour in my path, I began to realize and appreciate the mental and emotional impact regular practice has on a student.  Forrest specifically helped me to find my breath and use that power to begin healing myself.  I believe that we can all be teachers in life if we just take moment to pause, to reflect, and to breathe.
“Bad yogi” is the path that acknowledges we are not perfect, and that’s pretty cool.  Follow me on Instagram/Twitter @badyogidc (@yogadragons for DBY); and

Sin Hee McCabe
My journey as a FY mentor has been profound in learning to feel and accept my true myself. I am pleased with the healing process that I am walking as a person and as a yoga teacher/ healer.

Strong practice is another benefit from practicing Forrest Yoga. I love how FY teaches you to be compassionate and skillful on exploring personal limits. Setting intents to help you stay in healing and practice changing habitual patterns which no longer supporting you. I feel this part of Forrest

Yoga is tasty and empowering.

My mission as a Forrest yoga mentor is doing my part of “Mending the Hoop of people” by reaching students around the world to experience Forrest Yoga and learn to support each others. Also sharing my intention of bring unity in Forrest Yoga community even with our differences in beliefs.

As healing journey deepens, my gratitude to Ana Forrest deepens for creating the brilliant method for healing. I also thank my fellow FY mentors and the Forrest Yoga community and students for loving supports. Get excited about Forest Yoga and life!!

Kiki Clabby
A joyful and shimmering Spirit, Kiki is known amongst her community for her honesty, integrity and sparkle. Her deep love and respect for Forrest Yoga Ceremony, her sensitivity and passion for addressing white privilege and cultural appropriation in her own teaching and her studio, her highly attuned Seeing skills and direct, kind truth-speaking all make her a uniquely skilled Guardian Mentor Teacher. Through her work in Forrest Yoga and her recent journey into motherhood, she has learned how to see the magic, mystery and meaning in what seems quite ordinary and is passionate about teaching her mentees how to do the same. As Owner and Director at Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga and Founder of The Thriving Studio Owner Business Mentorship Program, Kiki brings to her teaching her expertise in leadership, business and career development, physical and energetic anatomy instruction, pre- and postnatal Forrest Yoga and empathic hands on healing.