Forrest Yoga
Foundation Teacher Training

(200 Hours)

A 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training And The First Step Towards Becoming a Forrest Yoga Teacher


Forrest Yoga Business Course

Taught by a Forrest Yoga Teacher or Forrest Yoga Guardian with a background in the business side of yoga, this 2-day module will teach you the skills to envision your personal mission, define your niche, find teaching jobs and organize yourself clearly in the many arenas of your life. More information about the Business Course

Who is This Training For?

Yoga students, new and experienced teachers who desire to move deeply within themselves & into Great Mystery. People anywhere on the yoga spectrum will enjoy the transformative benefits of this training. Yoga students with as little as three months and as extensive as thirty years experience will enjoy the transformative benefits of this program. We expect you to have the willingness, health and strength to commit to 100% of this teacher training.


You will receive a Level 1 certificate only upon 100% completion of the course. With that certificate, you will be able to enroll into the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program and to register as an RYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance.


To prepare for your upcoming training, check out our online program “Ancestral Voices” and our AloMoves Program “Quest to a Warrior’s Heart”. Go to local Forrest Yoga classes, stop using recreational drugs and alcohol, go Vegan, and start the Forrest Yoga Reading List.

What makes the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training so Evolutionary

  • Ana Forrest, visionary, philanthropist, Medicine Woman, Creatrix of Forrest Yoga, and author of Fierce Medicine has been dedicated to changing people’s lives for 45 years.
  • Ana created Forrest Yoga while working through healing from her own life’s traumas. The process of healing herself inspired her to teach others about what really works to heal themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Ana shows how to make our practice a daily blessing, a vehicle for waking up to our own aliveness and rekindling the Life Force within.
  • Jose Calarco’s contributions are unique, primal, and fascinating with over 30 years of experience in Indigenous ceremony, culture and arts. He brings in the wisdom and effectiveness of Ancient Spiritual Technologies.
  • Jose was artistic and ceremonial director of the ground breaking company, ‘Flamenco Dreaming’, and presently director of Descendance Aboriginal Dance Theatre and Forrest Yoga. He is a innovative genius and a one of a kind contributor to the yoga field. Jose co-teaches all courses with Ana.
  • Compassion, ecology & health: Jose teaches about the intelligence of the Vegan lifestyle, based on his 30 years of deep research into how our food choices affect our health, bring animals into extinction and either balance or destroy our planet.
  • Together, Ana and Jose provide a profound, focused and rich training.

About The Forrest Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training

The Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training is a life-changing 27-day immersion training into the rich world of Forrest Yoga. This deep dive into Spirit and Ceremony encompasses 22 days of morning practice, Ceremony and extensive teaching practicum. Plus, there’s a 3-day Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers course, and a 2-day Forrest Yoga Business Course.

Taught by Ana and Jose, or by a qualified Forrest Yoga Guardian, this comprehensive program teaches you how to become an extraordinary teacher, leader, and human being. You will develop your unique gifts as a powerful, authentic and passionate teacher and learn how to use them with skill and grace to support your students, yourself and your newly growing community. You will leave this training feeling inspired and confident in your knowledge, methodology, and unique teaching voice as a Forrest Yoga teacher. You then start your life afresh, with a renewed sense of hope and the tools required to begin living in a way that makes you most proud of yourself.

This Training:

  • Features our Assisting Team; comprised of our dedicated and passionate Forrest Yoga teachers. They provide additional support and coaching to the students.
  • Grows your relationship with your authentic self, as a teacher, healer and evolving human.
  • Gives you new tools beyond the mat; in daily life including
    a. Breaking through lies and facades into your authentic self
    b. Learning to speak with breath, confidence and wisdom
    c. Developing professional ethics grounded in honesty, integrity and in support of your personal evolution.

You Will:

  • Learn to practice – and teach – in a way that builds vitality, discernment, healing & fascination with the process.
  •  Make quantum leaps in your personal yoga practice.
  • Immerse yourself in Ceremony that nourishes your Spirit through music, dance, prayer, and asana.
  • Become an effective and compelling teacher: Learn how to heal injuries, work through trauma, problem-solve, sequence safe and exhilarating classes.
  • Leave equipped and ready to teach, with 200 hrs of contact teaching time, anatomy training, a business course and a comprehensive manual.
  • Learn to design your life in a way that makes you proud of yourself.

Your personal transformation reshapes the cosmos.” -JoseAna

This teacher training meets the 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program requirements and is the first step to becoming a Forrest Yoga Certified Teacher.

Course Structure:

Each morning, the first hour begins with smoke blessing/cleansing, song, drumming and meditation to set the intent for healing and learning. This is followed by a 2-hour intensive that will create a heightened sense of physical, emotional and spiritual awareness while awakening every muscle and cell in your body.

The Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training encompasses
● 11 days of morning practice, Ceremony, and practice teaching
● 3 days of a Functional Anatomy course
● 11 days of practice and Ceremony
● 2 days of a Forrest Yoga Business Course

Afternoon sessions encompass five to six hour sessions of training and instruction, including
● class sequencing
● seeing and aligning physical and energetic structure
● use of safe and effective hands-on assists
● communication by verbal and non-verbal means
● effective use of voice as a powerful teaching tool

Curriculum Themes
  • Yoga as a healing path
    Learn the tools to take control of your life and rid your cells of unwanted pain, suffering, and trauma. Then you can bring the same healing to your students.
  • Walking the path of your Spirit
    Find your Spirit, connect to your Spirit, and take the actions that strengthen that connection. This awareness guides you to teach from truths that are discovered rather than from a dogma.
  • Teaching through discovery
    Through a tightly woven circle of teaching modalities including lecture, videotaping, group circles, practice teaching and partner work, you will participate in a wide variety of teaching activities which provide the road to discovery.
Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

An integral component of the training is the course Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers, taught by either Forrest Yoga Guardian, Bodyworker, and Anatomist Brian Campbell, or Somatic Educator and Healer, and Forrest Yoga Graduate Ellen Heed.

● Learn to practice and teach in a way that builds vitality and healing
● Make quantum-leaps in your personal yoga practice.
● Immerse yourself in Ceremony that nourishes your Spirit through music, dance, song, invocation and prayer.
● Become a powerful, authentic and passionate teacher.
● Learn how to work with injuries and trauma, problem-solve, sequence safe and exhilarating classes,
● Develop, and discover your own unique gifts as a teacher and human being.
● Experience the Beauty of Ancient Spiritual Technologies.
● Connect to the strong and supportive global community of Forrest Yoga.
● Leave equipped and ready to teach.