A life-changing 9-day immersive adventure

The Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training is a life-changing 9-day immersive adventure into the rich world of Forrest Yoga. This training welcomes yoga teachers from any lineage and graduates of the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training, as well as intermediate practitioners. Participants need a daily personal practice and to be ready to go deeper into the Great Mystery.

A highly experiential deep dive into your personal transformation

This extraordinary immersion teacher training is co-taught by Ana Forrest, Creatrix of Forrest Yoga and Jose Calarco co-director of Forrest Yoga now & Musical Shaman, with our team of exceptional Forrest Yoga assistants. Our featured esteemed guest presenters including Indigenous elders, singers, dancers, and diverse cultural musicians. The Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training is a highly experiential deep dive into your personal transformation through pranayama, asana, teaching, and life changing ceremonies.
As we mature, we find ways to balance our relationships in give & take. Our people need to now learn how to give back to Mother Earth. We have only taken for generations. This ignorance has put all living beings on our world at a crisis point. It is up to us to balance our relationship to the Earth, for our life & hers. The whole delicate interlacing web of life needs us to evolve. What can you do? Here are some actions: Gather trash, plant a tree, leave water out for a thirsty wild one, become Vegan, stop polluting yourself & new perceptions of how to live in Beauty will arise. Be creative in giving back in different ways that make you proud of yourself. Choose Life. May we all Walk in Beauty
– Ana Forrest

A profound, focused and rich training

As we journey into Ceremony and connection to Spirit, this training will take your practice and understanding of Forrest Yoga into deeper wisdoms. The cosmically charged duo, Ana and Jose, have co-created an evolutionary experience for you. Together, Ana and Jose provide a profound, focused and rich training.

'Forrest Yoga Inspired'

Teachers new to teaching Forrest Yoga will be able to call their classes 'Forrest Yoga Inspired' yoga after successfully completing the Advanced Training.

The Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training weaves together the following essential elements that will quantum-leap your teaching

  • Daily Forrest Yoga practice and Ceremony Lead by Ana & Jose
  • Forrest Yoga principles of class sequencing for advanced poses
  • Introducing Ceremony into your practice
  • Invaluable feedback and coaching on your teaching and hands on assists
  • Experience ancient healing technologies
  • Working with injuries
  • A tool kit to help address the physical and emotional needs of students of different levels and abilities
  • Mentoring for your own practice & challenges
  • Jose teaches about Compassion, ecology, health and the intelligence of the Vegan lifestyle, based on his 30 years of deep research into how our food choices affect our health, bring animals into extinction and either balance or destroy our planet.
  • You will leave this training feeling inspired and confident in your knowledge, methodology, and your unique teaching voice.

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Accredited by Yoga Alliance USA

This Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course is a total of 70 hours and is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA.

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Quantum-leap your teaching and up-level your skills. Use this 9-day Teacher Training to design a life that makes you proud of yourself.