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Part 1

May the rainbow always touch your shoulder

Part 2


Part 3

Path of the Ancestors


Join Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco on a transformative journey guided by the ancient teachings of the First People into self-discovery, cleansing and healing. You’ll enjoy the intensely physical, internally focused practice of Forrest Yoga and Ceremony, which often leads to deeply transformative experiences both on and off the mat. Each practice in this series is inspired by an Aboriginal song that sets the intent for the practice. Let the power of these songs reconnect you with the deeper levels of your Spirit.

The courses are offered for streaming via Vimeo. Buy the 4-week online course now and start your training whenever you want. Price: 75 USD.

Course Overview

Week One

Woori Ombunji:
Spiritual Baptism for Awakening Spirit

Week two

Yama Wiri:
Calling in Good Energy Spirit

Week three

Yell, Yelli the Cosmic Serpent:
Shed Your Old Skin

Week four

Woori Ombunji:
Spiritual Baptism to Awaken the Life Force Within

Join Ana and Jose for their “Quest To A Warrior’s Heart” online series designed to guide your spirit home.

Forrest Yoga presents a diverse array of profound practices for you to choose from. Discover signature Forrest Yoga sequences ranging from five minutes to two hours.

Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco offer four powerfully evolutionary, in-depth courses filled with foundational practices and exciting bonuses.