I started practicing yoga when I was 17 away from home, alone in New York City where my dream
of dancing professionally was coming true: to dance with The Martha Graham Dance Company.During my journey as a professional dancer I started practicing yoga, that ’s why I feel my dance
and yoga definitely are connected.
I have been always a passionate bodysoul’s language researcher 🙂 so other than dancing professionally I studied almost all kind of yoga and martial arts (lately kick boxing).
I never thought of becoming a yoga teacher but coming back to Italy I felt the need to share everything that yoga gave me.I met Ana e José in Bali in 2019 .
After I saw a video of Ana speaking on YouTube I felt really attracted to her…the way she was talking and moving reached to me in a way that I decided to do her foundation TTC because I
wanted to be in her presence for a month, even if I never took a Forrest Yoga class.
My confirmation arrived when the same year Jambo Dragon came to Rome and I took my first
Forrest Yoga weekend workshop. I felt connected to him and to the practice. IT WAS HEALING IT

From there I knew I made the right decision and that I was ready for Bali.I booked my TTC one year in advanced and at that time, my life was fine.
It was my intuition that brought me to Ana’s YouTube video… I didn’t know that I would have been in Bali heart broken, with my life upside down. Perfect place to be, to heal.
During my training the experience was magical. Day after day I was going deeper and deeper into those scary places, where Ana with her presence and yoga would support and taking me by handshe guided me through the journey into myself, my whole self; and Jose with his ceremonies and singing would cuddle the sorrow of this process. Forrest yoga was tough but real…just as I liked it.

Ana could read into my body and practice ( I was always first line practicing right in front of her) and I have to thank her with all my heart because from everything she told me directly into my eyes, she unlocked and unleashed me. José was like a father figure really gentle and loving and his piano playing was like a lullaby at the end of the class. I discovered later on in the training that we have our parents coming from the same place from the south of Italy 🙂 thank you Jose for being “famiglia”.

Forrest yoga is MEDICINE, Forrest yoga is SACRED and it teaches you how to heal your body, how to breath into your body, how to BE your body.

Forrest yoga made the best teachers I have been seeing around. It’s my inspiration. And I feel honored and humbled to be seen as a FY Ambassador and being able to share the medicine of this practice with others. Thank you.