Gianna Carotenuto, Ph.D.
Biographical Info
“More than a way to strengthen, exercise, or celebrate the body, I believe yoga is an ancient healing art. Through yoga the body becomes the vehicle for transformation and brings one closer to self-mastery and unique self-expression. The benefits and results of constant practice is that the student acquires the discipline and tools to actualize their highest potential. Yoga allows expression of one’s personal truth, integrity and creativity. My goal is for students to gain the ability to reflect principles of artful living, mindfulness with heart-centered presence.” ~ Gianna Carotenuto, PhD Yoga of Strength ~ Integrity ~ Spirit Teaching ~Gianna is an accomplished healer and yoga teacher with over 20 years of combined teaching and practitioner experience. Her foundation is classic Forrest Yoga and she has taught as a senior Forrest Yoga instructor for over a decade. Specializing in classes that are tailored to the student’s present that day, Gianna works mindfully and creatively to build group energy and individual transformation through carefully designed sequences derived from a multiplicity of healing modalities ~ Forrest, Vinyasa flow, Iyengar, Yin, Kundalini and meditation. One of her unique gifts as a teacher is her healing touch and ability to help students meet their fears and move into freedom. Working with students of all levels, Gianna has an expertise in elder students over 60, and rehabilitation from physical, mental, emotional trauma, accidents, injury, or surgery. ~Students value Gianna’s ability to “see” beyond the surface and release energy that is trapped or restricted in the body, her sensitive hands on adjustments, and her ability to guide them into realms of deeper healing and awareness. Her 12 years of Zen meditation and mindfulness practice brings clarity, inner depth and tranquility to a strong, cleansing and demanding asana practice. Training ~ Gianna completed her Foundational Teacher’s Training in 1999and Advanced Training in 2012 with Ana Forrest and remains committed to the principles and techniques of Forrest Yoga. She has also trained in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Techniques and Marshall Rosenbergs Non-Violent Communication, insights she brings to her teaching. Her teaching philosophy is that of a perpetual student seeking wisdom and insight from a variety of teachers to continue deepening and growing her teaching skills and yogic knowledge. She has attended numerous workshops and training sessions with many of today’s first lineage yoga masters: Ana Forrest, Max Strom, , Rod Stryker, Rodney Yee, Gary Kraftow, Richard Freeman, Shiva Rea, and has been assisting workshops at Esalen with Yogini Micheline Berry since 2010. Community ~ Bringing the wisdom and compassion of yoga to South Central Los Angeles, Gianna developed and directed along with Debora Constance, “Yoga in the Hood,” a community based yoga program for at risk youth from 2004-2007. Gianna conducts thematic workshops throughout the year, was a former teacher at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, California and will be conducting a series of cultural yoga retreats in 2012-13 in India, Italy, Mexico and California. She has recently relocated to Seattle, Washinton where she will be teaching at Kula Movement. Beyond the Mat ~ A practicing Buddhist, Gianna leads mediation classes, reads Sanskrit, is an ongoing student, practitioner and some-time resident at Tassajara Zen Center, and has participated in five week-long teachings with the Dalai Lama from 2000-2006, influences that bring a deep tranquility and mindfulness to her yoga classes. For the past 20 years Gianna's “other” professional life has centered on various aspects of the arts. She is a curator, private art consultant, and art history professor. She completed her doctoral degree in the art of India and South Asia at UCLA in 2009. She is currently an affiliate lecturer with the South Asian Studies Center at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, Seattle.
Attended Trainings
• Foundation Teacher Training, Los Angeles, 1998