Forrest Yoga teaching events are carefully designed to equip you to become a powerful and inspired teacher. Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco present their Teacher Trainings and Continuing Education programs in the form of Yoga Ceremony. They create profound experiences and a vision quest for something truly Sacred in life. Our events are offered throughout the year across five continents.
Forrest Yoga teaches that an integral part of Walking In Beauty is to become Vegan. The teachings of Veganism bring more focus to our foundational soul ethics: feeling our connection to nature, living with the awareness of being part of the Great Mystery, helping our people – giving assistance where needed, respecting animals and the delicate interlacing of all life.The indigenous Wisdom Keepers point out that the animals are our teachers.
Each Forrest Yoga Teacher Training is another step of learning how to Walking in Beauty. As taught by the Diné (Navajo) people, to Walk in Beauty means to walk in harmony with all things.