Feel for the Safety of your own Footsteps- My Forrest Yoga Journey

After my first experience of Forrest Yoga I yawned continuously for hours afterwards. It was the summer of 2012 and I’d happened upon a free workshop with ‘actual Ana’ in Newcastle, England. Thinking it was for reiki I wandered in, how naïve I was.
Suffice to say something big had took place on a cellular level. Pandoras box now open, I could no longer ignore or hide that fact that something was profoundly wrong.
Through another chance encounter I met Jambo Truong who took me under his wing, placed me on his assisting team and gifted me the name ‘Fae.’ Jokingly he would introduce me “this is Fae- she hates yoga.” Oh how we laughed (and cried) but without his love and support I shudder to think where I’d be now.

In 2015 I made the leap from assistant to teacher, emptied my savings and flew to Chicago to join Ana for what felt like fate and the FYFTT. It was electric.
Upon return my life changed dramatically again as I relocated leaving behind the cosy city centre community. Setting up a Forrest Yoga tribe from scratch in a rural location was made all the more enjoyable by meeting Natalie Palmer. Fast forward five years later and with the opening of her own studio we now have a dedicated space to share the medicine.

The move also brought another incredible gift as I befriended a wild white albino roebuck in woodlands local to my home. Upon sharing the news with Ana and Jose they gifted me the name ‘white deer keeper.’ Walking with a White Hart has taught me many things but none more so than our duty to honour and protect ‘that which is sacred’ in all beings and creatures.

I am so grateful for the last nine years practicing, assisting, and teaching Forrest Yoga and to everyone who has been part of holding that space no matter how big or small. I love you.
Thanks for the breath.