Ana Forrest’s Spirit Pledge:
Mending the Rainbow Hoop of the People

An essential component of the Forrest Yoga system is Ana Forrest’s Spirit Pledge to Mend the Rainbow Hoop of the People. This pledge refers to the cry of the Lakota Medicine Man Black Elk, who lived through the shattering of the spine of his people. Describing the grieving & desperation he saw around him, he said, “The Rainbow Hoop of the People has been broken.” The Rainbow Hoop refers to people living harmoniously just as the colors of the rainbow lie side by side. The people he speaks of are all the inhabitants of Earth; animals, plants, mountains, and humans.

During the time that Ana lived on a reservation among Native people, she had her own vision of Mending the Rainbow Hoop of the People. This became her Spirit Pledge. She and Jose are teaching people how to be stewards of the Earth and all its living beings, by connecting to each of their own vibrant Spirits.

Ana Forrest has received the honour of the Mayoral Commendation for her work of “Mending the Hoop” of the City of Los Angeles in 2006 as the first and only yoga teacher.
Ana and Jose have worked relentlessly over the past 40 years to support indigenous communities in the USA and Australia.
Donating yoga classes for people who can’t afford yoga in communities all over the world is part of each Forrest Yoga Teachers process to receive certification.
Scholarships are offered for BIPOC people.
Ana and Jose keep supporting indigenous artists by inviting them into their ceremonies, by promoting their yoga clothes and leggings to their worldwide audience and by offering their art for sale on the Forrest Yoga online store.
Trainings are offered at reduced prices in developing countries by Forrest Yoga Guardians.

Please read more about Ana and Jose’s individual backgrounds here

Step from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Do your part in Mending the Rainbow Hoop of the People. Your personal transformation reshapes the cosmos. Walk in beauty.