“My Forrest Yoga journey began in 2011 when I attended my first FY class with Ana Forrest. I remember it felt different from other yoga practices, that feeling made me want to know more about FY. After class I went to a book signing, listening to Ana share her experience made me more curious about FY. I read Fierce Medicine and in that moment I decided that I wanted to learn more from her.

Two years before that I had gone through a painful divorce. I lived in constant fear of what my future would be with my three year old daughter. At that time I did a TT and began teaching yoga in Monterrey, Mexico. Yoga became my life and my everyday medicine. In 2014 I did my FY Advanced Teacher Training with Ana. It was a life changing experience, the beginning of my healing journey. Feeling excited I went back to Monterrey to teach FY inspired classes and was amazed of the huge breakthroughs my students began to have. In 2017 I hosted the first FY Weekend Workshop with Ana and Jose in Monterrey. It was a magical experience for the FY Mexican community. That same year I attended the Foundation Teacher Training with Ana and Jose and went back to Monterrey to host the FY Mountain Retreat with them. We had students from different parts of the world, I felt very happy to share a part of Mexican culture with them as well as our magical mountains, home of the Huichol Indians. That was my first time assisting Ana and Jose. I have been teaching FY since then. In 2018 I attended the FY Mentorship program with @erica_mather and the FYCET with @heidisormaz and @catallenyoga. This year I attended the Empowered Empaths CET with @jambodragon.

Forrest Yoga has been my pillar, my solid foundation in life. It has given me the strength to heal my past wounds. It empowers me everyday by building up my self confidence and growing my self love. It has showed me the way to share my healing experience with others, helping them heal themselves. My purpose is to continue sharing this powerful medicine within my yoga community in Mexico. Forrest Yoga is my tribe, my family. I am grateful for being a Forrest Yoga

Thank you Ana and Jose!!”