Your Energy Body Workshop


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  • October 17, 2015
  • Saturday, 10AM to 4PM
  • nan

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Your Energy Body Workshop

Saturday, 10AM to 4PM
October 17, 2015



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Your Energy Body Workshop

Saturday, 10AM to 4PM
October 17, 2015


The First Peoples of our planet knew about energy long before Einstein, Newton or any other revolutionary scientist. Shamans and Medicine People the world over recognise the ‘energetics’ of being alive.

Join Charlie on this day-long adventure into the chakra system and the energetics of your body. Explore your energy from a different perspective and learn to read where you hold energy. Learn how to shift and move it for your own wellbeing.

What to expect:

–  An energetic 130min Forrest Yoga session, including Four Directions Ceremony to set the intent for     the day
–   A delicious gluten free, energising lunch
–   An introduction to feeling and seeing energy
–   Learn Forrest Yoga and Shamanic  techniques for clearing blocked energy pathways
–   Inca Shaman Fire Ceremony [weather permitting]
–   Herbal tea, light snack and Q&A after class

Charlotte can’t wait to co-create this day with you! Bring your open mind, your curiosity, 3 stones that mean something to you and some kind of cloth to wrap them in. See you on the mat! Aho.

All levels welcome — yoga newbies, experienced practitioners and those with injuries.