Workshops with Sandra Heider in Sweden


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  • March 7, 2015
  • Saturday, 12PM to 2PM
  • nan

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Workshops with Sandra Heider in Sweden

Saturday, 12PM to 2PM
March 7, 2015



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Workshops with Sandra Heider in Sweden

Saturday, 12PM to 2PM
March 7, 2015


Feel your Power, part 1
Sat March 7 13:30-16:30
This 3-hour Forrest Yoga workshop invites you to embrace all parts of yourself and be empowered by inhabiting every cell in your body. The focus is on connecting to your body’s wisdom without judgment and exploring your own strength. You will be guided through a strong and intense asana practice centering on hip openers and inversions to connect to your core – your true power source.

Feel your Power, part 2
Sat March 7 17:00-19:00
In this 2-hour session, we’ll start with Q&A where you have the opportunity to ask questions regarding Forrest Yoga and your own yoga practice. We’ll then move into an asana practice and partner work with the aim to feel your own physical power. You’ll learn some basic assists in order to explore what it is like to feel yourself not just on your own, but also in relation to others.

Breath and Embody
Sun March 8 13:30-15:00
The intent of this 90-minute asana practice is to breathe deeply and explore the sensation of the breath. We’ll use the focus on the breath as a vehicle to be more in our own skin – in other words to be more embodied. Healing can only come out of a state of embodiment and presence. Without it no real change and transformation can occur. Physically, we’ll dive deeper into the pelvis with some strong hip openers. Expect to travel into the mystery of the body!

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