Working with Ceremony


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  • March 29, 2014
  • Saturday, 10AM to 12PM
  • nan

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Working with Ceremony

Saturday, 10AM to 12PM
March 29, 2014



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Working with Ceremony

Saturday, 10AM to 12PM
March 29, 2014


Ceremony: Noun. 1. the formal activities conducted on some solemn or important public or state occasion 2. a formal religious or sacred observance; a solemn rite 3. formal observances or gestures collectively; ceremonial observances

Incorporating ceremony into our life is a very beautiful way to honor ourself, loved ones, and other traditions that are important to us. In this experimental workshop, we will explore what different roles ceremony can and do play in our own lives. Forrest Yoga has a strong tradition of incorporating ceremony into our practice. We will take time to experience what some of these ceremonies are including: Calling in the Four Directions, Drumming & Singing, Forrest Yoga Asana (poses), and a Guided Meditation.

What to Expect in this Workshop:
•Discussion of what ceremony is and what it means to you
•Opportunity to drum and sing, then intent setting and moving into our Forrest Yoga asana practice, followed by a guided meditation
•Enter into Forrest Yoga ceremony through our asana practice. Connect and ride your breath to go deeper into the great mystery of who you are!
•Experience the Wiser Self Guided Meditation after our practice
•Use of props; blocks, straps, & rolled up mats to assist you in the pose

About Greg
Gregory is a three time Emmy Award winning designer from Rhode Island currently living in Portland, OR. He has trained extensively with Ana Forrest completing the Forrest Yoga Foundation and Advanced Teacher trainings, as well as the year long Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program. He is also the Artist in Residence for the Forrest Yoga organization. In 2010, he choose to follow his heart and leave the corporate world to pursue his love of yoga. He is currently the owner of Portland’s only exclusively Forrest Yoga studio, Inner Elements Yoga. Visit Greg’s yoga website to learn more: