Weekend of Workshops with Sinhee McCabe in Indonesia


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  • 08-22-2014 12:00 to 08-24-2014 14:00
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Weekend of Workshops with Sinhee McCabe in Indonesia

08-22-2014 12:00 to 08-24-2014 14:00
August 22, 2014



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Weekend of Workshops with Sinhee McCabe in Indonesia

08-22-2014 12:00 to 08-24-2014 14:00
August 22, 2014


Looking for ways to heal your mind and body through yoga?

In these workshop, Sinhee will guide you to learn about yourself, what are your strong parts and what are your areas for improvement when it comes to mind and body.

August 23

9:00am-12:00pm Morning Intensive Class: Revitalizing the Spine (Back Bend)
This class is focused on the Forrest Yoga method of creating space in the spine and decompress the lower back in back bend poses. We will also learn how to engage back muscles to open up the chest, diaphragm and abdominal muscles easily in deep back bend poses. Learning to practice this way will deliver fresh blood and oxygen to the spine and realign the whole back muscles to vitalize the spine.

1:30pm – 4:00pm: Afternoon Session
The afternoon session will be on collaborating Forrest Yoga poses into the current Fitness First yoga sequences to include fun, energetic elements and how to introduce progression for everyone in your class. We will breakdown two 60-munute classes and one 90-minute class. We will teach you how to get to the targeted poses like hip opening and inversions, back bend, twists and arm balances by sequencing poses to warm up and cool down to release.

August 24

9:00am-12:00pm Morning Intensive: Connecting the Inner Line of Energy (Neck, Shoulders, and Hips)
This fun class is designed to let you experience inspiring Forrest Yoa poses like inversions, arm balances, and deep hip openings. You will learn how to use your core muscles efficiently and how to sustain the joints and muscles of your inner lines energetically with deep breathing.

1:30pm – 4:00pm: Afternoon Session
This is a tutorial session of learning Forrest Yoga hands on. You will learn basic skills of touching people with clear energy. This is about guiding each practitioner to learn their own rate of release instead of pushing or forcing a pose. We will also learn to use the connecting line of inner body energy to guide practitioners to deepen a pose. 

There is also a Master Class on August 22 (exclusive for Fitness First members)
Balancing the Core: This class will focus on how to use core muscles to support the whole body in poses. Forrest Yoga's therapeutic approach is to create space in the spine, release habitual internal tensions to connect your core muscles to function in an optimal way. There will be fun arm balances and twists for a strong and flexible core!

Workshops are hosted by Fitness First Indonesia. For more information click here.