Weekend of Workshops in Hamburg


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  • 01-22-2016 12:00 to 01-24-2016 14:00
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Weekend of Workshops in Hamburg

01-22-2016 12:00 to 01-24-2016 14:00
January 22, 2016



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Weekend of Workshops in Hamburg

01-22-2016 12:00 to 01-24-2016 14:00
January 22, 2016


Join Guardian Sandra Robinson for a weekend of thought provoking and healing workshops in Hamburg, Germany.

Friday, 22.01.2016 – 20.15-22.00 (29 €)

Breathing deeply and turning off the mental cinema. – Focus: Standing poses

Learn to breathe deeply with Ujjayi, an extremely fine and flowing respiratory form which allows us to come to rest and turn off our mental cinema for a moment.

The Forrest Yoga sequences and positions will support you to find your center, and listen less to the outside. You experience the unfolding of your inner senses.

Saturday, 23.01.2015 – 19.00-21.00 (34 €)

Perfectionism and control. – Focus: neck and hips

Never being good enough and trying to make everything even better. Do you know that feeling? The feeling of having to constantly hold everything together often leads to not being truly yourself. You lose the feeling for yourself and strive for an ideal that does not really exist. Why do we limit ourselves so much, and what would happen if we were nicer and dealt more lovingly with ourselves? Saturday night gives space to this topic without hoping for a perfect answer. Focus is on the neck, hips and inversions.

Sunday, 24.01.2015 from 10.00-12.30 (39 €)

The curtain has fallen. – Focus: backbends and arm balances

We wear masks, we hide and we feel most vulnerable when we show ourselves the way we really are. This workshop will address the issue with backbends and arm balances to see how our bodies feel when we wear a mask and how it would feel if we take off the mask? What would that do for our relationships?

Monday, 25.01. 2015 20.15-22.00 (29 €)

Integration & digestion. – Focus: backbends and standing positions

We are looking for an experience after another, our life is very fast paced and we often don’t pay attention to an ending because we are already focussing on the next thing. For the integration of an experience, it is important to take time to digest the situation and to integrate it into the body. This workshop gives room for integration and digestion for the body and spirit with the help of therapeutic backbends and standing positions.

All 4 FORREST YOGA WORKSHOPS total only 114 € instead of € 131.

Each workshop can be booked separately.

Registration under Tel .: 040-46774618 or info@your-yoga.de

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