Open Your Heart: Yoga Benefit Class


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  • March 20, 2011
  • Sunday, 1PM to 3PM

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Open Your Heart: Yoga Benefit Class

Sunday, 1PM to 3PM
March 20, 2011


Open Your Heart: Yoga Benefit Class

Sunday, 1PM to 3PM
March 20, 2011


Open Your Heart: Yoga Benefit Class
with Forrest Yoga Guardian Teacher
Colleen Millen & Forrest Yoga Certified
teacher (and FYMP grad) Kristin “Kiki”

March 20, 2011, 1:00-3:30pm

Suggested Donation: $50 to Kelley
Rush’s breast cancer healing fund (make
check out to Kelley Rush or cash
accepted the day of the event)

Free up your chest, upper back and
shoulders in this exhilarating Forrest
Yoga backbending sequence! In this 2.5
hour workshop, you will learn how to
breathe in fresh aliveness to the parts
of you that have hardened or shut down
from past pain. Kiki and Colleen will
help you to access and open your heart
with their warmth, humor and compassion.

The healing work you do in class and the
donation you give will lend energetic
and financial support to a vital member
of the Forrest Yoga Hoop of the Teachers
and dear friend of Kiki and Colleen’s,
Kelley Rush. Kelley is a Forrest Yoga
Guardian teacher, Assistant Program
Manager and Mentorship Program liaison,
and is currently walking her healing
road from breast cancer.

A few weeks ago, Kelley faced a double
mastectomy and now looks ahead at 3
months of chemo treatments in which she
will not be able to teach at her yoga
studio Two River’s Yoga, in Carnation,
WA. And Kelley is not alone in her
journey: About 207,090 new cases of
invasive breast cancer will occur among
women in the United States during 2010.
And an estimated 39,840 women will die
from breast cancer this year (Susan G.
Komen Breast Cancer Foundation). Join us
in support of Kelley and in honor of all
the women in our lives who have faced
this disease with strength, courage and

“Kelley has touched many people
within and outside our community, she
has unconditionally given and supported
many people on their healing journeys;
it is now time for Kelley to receive
support for her own healing and time for
us to give back to her. Let us support
Kelley to walk this journey with grace
and as such, to create a luminous full
circle of healing the hoop.” -Ana