Joshua Tree Camping & Yoga Retreat


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  • 05-20-2015 12:00 to 05-24-2015 14:00
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Joshua Tree Camping & Yoga Retreat

05-20-2015 12:00 to 05-24-2015 14:00
May 20, 2015



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Joshua Tree Camping & Yoga Retreat

05-20-2015 12:00 to 05-24-2015 14:00
May 20, 2015


Experience the healing magic of Joshua Tree for yourself! The desert can be a fresh start, a space to integrate, to unwind, to dive deep, to laugh and play, to feel and to heal. It’s an affordable escape from the madness of daily life and an opportunity to connect to community on a deeper level.

Transmorph your breath and body under the warmth of sunshine, wind brushing up against your cheek. Electrify your spirit with daily Forrest Yoga, ceremony & tea service, expertly prepared meals, hiking and hot springs, healing sound baths at the Integratron…all this whilst camping under moonlit skies!

Treat yourself to the journey of a lifetime and hit the ground running on your healing path!

Limited space available for this all-inclusive retreat
General Admission $550 (through 4/20/2015)
Late Bird $600 (through 5/13/2015)


Jessie Delmar is a certified Forrest yoga instructor with a sparkly personality and a teaching style that is raw, heartfelt, nurturing and joyful. She weaves vibrant energy and thoughtful intentions to produce fun yet meaningful experiences for students. Jessie teaches yoga as a healing path and is dedicated to empowering students with tools to forge courage and pleasure in their lives by connecting to breath.

Celebrated for her enchanting vocal offerings and healing hands-on assists, Jessie will wow you with strong, intelligent sequencing that brightens the core and ignites a fiery passion for life.

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