FY CET for Effective Coaching & Teaching – with Heidi Sormaz

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  • 19 - 22 Aug, 26 - 29 Aug & 2 - 5 Sep 2021
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Who is this training for?

The Forrest Yoga® Continuing Education for Effective Coaching and Teaching is designed for Forrest Yoga® Teachers (and other 200HR teachers) who want to assist Forrest Yoga® Teacher Trainings, those interested in teaching others how to teach, and those wanting to up-level their teaching and verbal assisting skills. The aim of the training is to make you a more skillful, compassionate, and intelligent coach and teacher, so you are better equipped to deal with whatever challenges you and your students may face.


* 46-hour credit towards the 300-Hour Forrest Yoga® Advanced Teacher Training.
* Awarded Forrest Yoga Level 3 Certification if you have finished the Level 2 Homework and the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program
* Eligible to assist Forrest Yoga® Teacher Trainings
* Fulfill your requirements for the 300-Hour Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training program. This CET is a module of the 300-Hour training program.


You must be a graduate of the 200-Hour Forrest Yoga® Foundation Teacher Training or a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training of a different lineage.

Course Description

This training teaches Assistants how to coach and teach trainees within the Forrest Yoga® teacher training curriculum. You will learn and practice coaching techniques including how to give teaching feedback, how to work with triggers and challenges that trainees face, and how to coach hands-on assists. Most importantly, you will learn how to create and hold a safe space for learning and growing. This training is a module of the 300-Hour Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training, a training that is open to yoga teachers of any background or style. Completion of this module will help you gain your 300-Hour advanced teaching certification with Forrest Yoga.

Daily Schedule

Every other day starts off with a ceremony involving meditation to set the intent for the day and create the space for healing and connection, followed by a 2-hour intensive that will create a heightened sense of physical, emotional and spiritual awareness while challenging every muscle and cell in your body. Through a carefully sequenced Forrest Yoga asanas, you can open to amazing depths. You will leave feeling cleansed, refreshed and alive. The intensives are a sanctuary where you can go beyond your perceived limitations. Injuries and special needs are addressed so that each trainee experiences these classes as part of his or her own healing practice. Practice is followed by practice cueing and teaching. Alternate day sessions focus on teaching you how to be an effective coach and teacher. These days include lecture, processing, practice coaching and cueing.

12 Days, 3.5 Hours, Time Zone Accessible Aug 19-22, Aug 26-29 & Sept 2-5, 2021
Start Time: 6-9:30AM NYC, 7PM Seoul, 1PM Greece, 11AM London.

Investment in Yourself:
Standard pricing USD 900.
To register contact info@freshyoga.com
Based outside of the US, contact nickkiest@gmail.com

About the Heidi:

Heidi Sormaz, Ph.D. (Level 5 Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher and Forrest Yoga Gaurdian, E-RYT 500) has assisted Ana Forrest in numerous teacher trainings and national workshops across the country. Heidi was one of the 1st Forrest Yoga teachers authorized by Ana Forrest to teach the 200-hour Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training and 9-day Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training.

More info and book: CET for Effective Coaching & Teaching

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FY CET for Effective Coaching & Teaching – with Heidi Sormaz


08-19-2021 15:05 to 09-05-2021 15:05
August 19, 2021


FY CET for Effective Coaching & Teaching – with Heidi Sormaz


08-19-2021 15:05 to 09-05-2021 15:05
August 19, 2021