Forrest Yoga Modular Foundation Teacher Training with Guardians Charlie Speller and Ilias Kousis

  • HiYoga Aker Brygge, Norway
  • Dates: Module 1 November 29th – December 10th 2022 & Module 2: June 2nd – 13th 2023


Dates: Module 1 November 29th – December 10th 2022 & Second module: June 2nd – 13th 2023

Location: HiYoga Aker Brygge 

Daily Schedule:

  • 9:00-12:00 (3 hours) Morning Intensive practice: Asanas, Chanting, Ceremony

  • 12:00-13:30 (1,5 hour) Break

  • 13:30-18:00 (4,5 hours) Afternoon session: Group Teaching, Hands-on assists, Exercises for emotional processing, Nutritional Strategy etc.

The Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training is an opportunity to build vitality, discernment, and the capacity to heal. You will break through lies and facades into your authentic self, learn to speak with breath, confidence and wisdom, and develop professional ethics grounded in honesty and integrity. Every day supports your personal evolution. This deep dive into Spirit and Ceremony is a 27-day yoga teacher training that encompasses 22 days of intensives (group practices) and extensive teaching practicum, a 3-day Anatomy Course taught by Brian Campbell and a 1-day Business Course taught by Charlie Speller. It is a comprehensive program for aspiring teachers, experienced teachers, and yoga students who want to work deeper within themselves. You will leave equipped and ready to teach, after 200 hrs of contact teaching time and with a comprehensive manual.

Become an Extraordinary Teacher

Taught by Forrest Yoga Guardians Charlie Speller and Ilias Kousis, this comprehensive program teaches you how to become an extraordinary teacher, leader, and human being. You will develop your unique gifts as a powerful, authentic and passionate teacher and learn how to use them with skill and grace to support your students, yourself and your newly growing community. You will leave this training feeling inspired and confident in your knowledge, methodology, and unique teaching voice as a Forrest Yoga teacher. You then start your life afresh, with a renewed sense of hope and the tools required to begin living in a way that makes you most proud of yourself.


Yoga as a healing path

Learn the tools to take control of your life and rid your cells of unwanted pain, suffering, and trauma. Then you can bring the same healing to your students.

Walking the path of your Spirit

Find your Spirit, connect to your Spirit, and take the actions that strengthen that connection. This awareness guides you to teach from the truths you discover rather than from a dogma.

Teaching through discovery

You will participate in a tightly woven circle of teaching modalities including lecture, videotaping, group processes, practice teaching and partner work that provide a path for learning and self-discovery

Functional Anatomy & Physiology

An integral component of the training is the Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers course, taught by Forrest Yoga Guardian, Bodyworker and Anatomist, Brian Campbell. The anatomy course is offered online as a recording, which you can watch at your own convenience. It will be available to you right after the completion of the first module. It is required that you complete watching it before the start of the second module.

Forrest Yoga Business Course

Taught by Forrest Yoga Guardian Charlie Speller with a background in the business side of yoga, this 2-day module will teach you the skills to envision your personal mission, define your niche, find teaching jobs and organize yourself clearly in the business arena of your life.

Group virtual meet-ups
There will be bonus online meetings between the two modules in order to stay connected together as a group.


This teacher training meets the 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program requirements and is the first step to becoming a Forrest Yoga Certified Teacher. You will receive a Level 1 certificate upon 100% completion of the course. With that certificate, you will be able to enroll into the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program and are eligible to register as an RYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance.

Who Is This Training For?

Yoga students who yearn to contribute to healing our planet & people. Whether one is new or an experienced teacher, we welcome those who desire to move deeply within themselves & into the Great Mystery. People anywhere on the yoga spectrum will enjoy the transformative benefits of this training. We expect you to have the willingness, health and strength to commit to 100% of this teacher training.

This training:

  • Grows your relationship with your authentic self, as a teacher, healer and evolving human.

  • Gives you new tools beyond the mat; in daily life including:
    Breaking through lies and facades into your authentic self.
    2. Learning to speak with breath, confidence and wisdom.
    3. Developing professional ethics grounded in honesty, integrity and in support of your personal evolution.
    4. Vegan nutritional Strategy & ecological contribution.

You will:

  • Learn to practice – and teach – in a way that builds vitality, discernment, healing & fascination with the process.

  • Make quantum leaps in your personal yoga practice.

  • Immerse yourself in Ceremony that nourishes your Spirit through music, dance, prayer, and asana.

  • Become an effective and compelling teacher: Learn how to heal injuries, work through trauma, problem-solve, sequence safe and exhilarating classes.

  • Leave equipped and ready to teach, with 200 hrs of contact teaching time, anatomy training, a business course and a comprehensive manual.

  • Learn to design your life in a way that makes you proud of yourself.

About your teachers: 

Charlie Speller

Charlie Speller is a Forrest Yoga Guardian, authorised teacher of the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training and the 3-Day and 5-day (40 hour) Poppy Perinatal Yoga Teacher Training. Charlie is a bodyworker, bodycoach, Medicine Person and pelvic health expert. Charlie’s trainings and workshops, combine her skill and interest in biomechanics and biochemistry with her innate desire to help people track and feel sensation in the body. Charlie teaches across the globe and for the past 10 years has also worked closely with Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco in various capacities — both as part of the Forrest Yoga business and as a teaching assistant. Charlie has a deep understanding of all aspects of Forrest Yoga and its healing qualities on and off the yoga mat. Her personal mission is to help people understand their body better, so that they can get out of pain, trust themselves and thrive.  Charlie infuses her teaching with her sense of fun, curiosity, compassion, empathy and truth. For more info about Charlie visit:

Ilias Kousis

Ilias is a very passionate Forrest Yoga Guardian, who quit his academic career as a Geologist to immerse into teaching yoga full-time. He is currently based in Oslo, Norway, where he teaches group classes, privates, workshops, teacher trainings and yoga for companies. His rich educational background in yoga includes Vinyasa/Hatha/Yin Yoga, but Forrest Yoga is the one that captivated him the most. He works as Content Manager for Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco and contributes in the evolution of Forrest Yoga heritage so that it continues to accommodate the needs of today’s people. Ilias’s goal is to broadly share his unique blend of the healing tools of Forrest Yoga combined with his own expertise that has been developed over years of dedicated self-practice and working with people of various backgrounds. As a consequence, his good command of physical and energetic anatomy of the human body greatly enhances his sequencing skills to create harmonious, healing sequences that help his students’ bodies unwinding and free up from physical and emotional backlog. He is adept at seeing energy in his students’ bodies, which enables him to assist them in a precise and effective way. His hands-on assists are mindful, gentle and aim to induce healing and space in the joints. Ilias’s background as scientist makes him be robust, direct and succinct, and has helped him to weave spirituality with cutting-edge science and more importantly, share this in a comprehensive way to his students. He loves guiding his students how to open up new doors of possibilities by connecting to their Spirit instead of living on autopilot and making decisions based on fear and past trauma. More info:

The total tuition for this training is dependent on your financial situation. There are three categories, fully explained below.

If you answer yes to some or all of these questions, you are invited to pay the Community price:

~ I struggle with meeting my basic needs like food, housing, transportation.
~ I don’t have access to savings or financial assistance from a family member or partner.
~ I am unemployed or underemployed.
~ I can’t take time off of work without burden.
~ I don’t own or lease a car.

If you answer yes to some or all of these questions, you are invited to pay the Sustainer price:

~ I may stress about basic needs like food, housing, and transportation, but I still meet them.
~ I’m able to access financial assistance from a family member or partner to cover expenses such as bills, debts, or health care.
~ I’m employed.
~ I’m able to buy things like a cup of coffee, a book, a T.V. show or movie, or apps for my phone.
~ I’m able to sometimes buy new items and donate others.
~ I own or lease a car.

If you answer yes to some or all of these questions, you are invited to pay the Supporter price:

~ Although I may have debt, I’m comfortably able to meet all of my basic needs like food, housing, and transportation.
~ I’m employed or don’t need to work.
~ I’m able to go on vacation with little to no financial stress.
~ I’m able to live in a higher end property.
~ I can own or lease a car with little to no financial stress.
~ I’m able to pay for healthcare coverage.

Your spot in the training is held only upon receipt of your deposit and is guaranteed upon receipt of your full payment. If you really want to take this training and your financial situation is currently difficult, or you need to pay in instalments,  talk to us: Reach Ilias at: or Charlie

Thank you Kindly

Forrest Yoga Modular Foundation Teacher Training with Guardians Charlie Speller and Ilias Kousis


11-29-2022 16:22 to 12-10-2022 16:22
November 29, 2022


Forrest Yoga Modular Foundation Teacher Training with Guardians Charlie Speller and Ilias Kousis


11-29-2022 16:22 to 12-10-2022 16:22
November 29, 2022