Forrest Yoga Retreat in Croatia


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  • 08-04-2017 12:00 to 08-11-2017 14:00
  • nan

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Forrest Yoga Retreat in Croatia

08-04-2017 12:00 to 08-11-2017 14:00
August 4, 2017



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Forrest Yoga Retreat in Croatia

08-04-2017 12:00 to 08-11-2017 14:00
August 4, 2017


Forrest Yoga Retreat: Embark to a journey to yourself

The Forrest Yoga Retreat takes place on the amazing island Pasman in Croatia (near Zadar / Biograd)
and enchants you with its vibrant nature and calmness.

An intensive yoga practice waits for you accompanied with meditation, rituals and the search for your
spirit animal.

Each day starts in the morning with chanting and setting our intent. During the yoga practice you tune into your body and your feelings, gain strength and learn to trust your body (even more). The “cinema in your head” shuts off or if you like the monkeys in your brain have a break talking.

Our time together is three hours per day – the rest of the day is yours! You can go for a stroll, relax on the
beach or enjoy other Harmony Programs events like the daily Gong Bath in the afternoon. You can go
with your rhythm, relax, go to the beach and connect to other beautiful souls, whatever your heart yearns

The retreat is open to all levels, beginners are welcome. Forrest Yoga is a gift for everyone and the
practice can be adapted for all levels.

This retreat is hosted together with Harmony Program. All the organization is up to the Harmony Program; please refer to this links reseravtions/

are “all inclusive”: living, three (vegetarian) meals per day and four hours program (means 3 hours Forrest Yoga daily and 1 hour optional of the Harmony Program offers) and in addition two hours program in the evening (like dancing courses). The price range is in between 300 EUR up to 460 EUR depending if you choose to sleep in the tent or in room.

Harmony Program in Kraj is directly connected by bus to Tkon and Preko (two bigger villages on the
island Pasman). You are living about 80 meters distance away from the beach, the camp is surrounded by olive trees. The blue turquoise water is already waiting for you…

Contact:, Mobile +43 664 80117 31906 retreat-embark- to-a- journey-to- yourself/