Morning Intensives, Seoul, Korea

Morning Intensive

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  • Seoul
  • February 22, 2020
  • Saturday, 8AM to 8AM

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Morning Intensives, Seoul, Korea


Saturday, 8AM to 8AM
February 22, 2020


Morning Intensives, Seoul, Korea


Saturday, 8AM to 8AM
February 22, 2020


Featuring Sinhee Ye and Heidi Sormaz


Cobra Yoga
4F 18-27, Bangbae-Dong,
Experience 9-days of blissful Forrest Yoga practice and Ceremony. Join us for this opportunity to practice alongside Heidi, Sinhee and their community of teacher trainees every morning in a 4.5-hour Forrest Yoga class that will bring aliveness into every cell of your body, and ignite your passion for living.

This program is for those who long to deepen their yoga practice. You will work with advanced asanas together with a blend of live music, invocation, smoke blessing, storytelling, prayer, philosophy, and primordial Shamanic healing practices.

With them, you will:

  •     Up-level your personal practice
  •     Invest in your own self-care
  •     Detoxify your body and your mind
  •     Learn to work with and heal any injuries you may have
  •     Learn to make advanced poses more accessible
  •     Push the edges of what is possible in your body in a supported and safe way

The morning sessions are open to yoga teachers and experienced yoga practitioners of all styles. Students experience 4.5 hour practice sessions (together with Ceremony), which will deeply transform their physical and spiritual practice. These sessions offer profound depth to students of all levels, and provide the opportunity for advanced students to further develop their skills.

Intensives run from 8:00am – 12:30pm daily.

Pricing for all 9 days:

Early Bird: US$1200 (until 17th January 2019)
Full Price: US$1100
Hoop Members: US$1000

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