Forrest Yoga Mentorship with Sinhee Ye McCabe

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  • ‎Malaysia
  • 02-06-2020 11:39 to 02-14-2020 11:39
  • Sinhee Ye-McCabe

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Forrest Yoga Mentorship with Sinhee Ye McCabe


02-06-2020 11:39 to 02-14-2020 11:39
February 6, 2020


Sinhee Ye-McCabe

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Forrest Yoga Mentorship with Sinhee Ye McCabe


02-06-2020 11:39 to 02-14-2020 11:39
February 6, 2020



Venue: Plaza Vads, TTDI Kuala Lumpur
Feb 6 – 9
Feb 10 – OFF Day
Feb 11 – 14


The Forrest Yoga® Mentorship Program (FYMP) will take you through a journey of continued growth and learning so that you can embody your passion for teaching and become a more effective teacher and healer.

Who this training is for:
Graduates of the Forrest Yoga® Foundation Teacher Training

This FYMP (58 total hours of training) comprises of a 8-day program of daily continuing education workshops/classes (includes teaching practicum w/feedback) followed by 4 bridge calls over a 6-month period. Throughout this program, you will get to hone your teaching and hands-on assisting skills, to become more skilled at working with injuries, to ask your questions about teaching Forrest Yoga®, and to get guidance with your Level 2 certification homework (if you’re not already Level 2 certified). The FYMP is undeniably a powerful continuum of the great work and deep processes you started in the Foundation Teacher Training.

All the workshop days incorporate a morning Forrest Yoga® intensive taught by Sin Her McCabe, hands-on assisting clinic, Forrest Yoga® sequencing practice, and opportunity for : to teach and assist an afternoon Forrest Yoga class to the public (Mentees to get feedback from their Mentor). The focus of each workshop draws you deeper into the pillars of Forrest Yoga: Breath, Integrity, Strength and Spirit. For instance: One workshop follows of the theme of Authenticity. In this workshop, Mentees examine the truth of what they speak and why they teach what they do. This workshop helps Mentees build congruency between what they teach and who they are and offers training for Mentees to communicate clearly and effectively. We also explore ceremonial practices including Smudging, Calling in the Four Directions, and Talking Circle.

More benefits include:

• Connection to the Forrest Yoga® community.

• An opportunity to go deeper and walk your spirit path with more support.

• Training toward assisting Ana and Forrest Yoga Guardians.

• Assistance with growing your business as a teacher – i.e. growing classes or finding opportunities to teach.


Location + Dates

Plaza Vads, TTDI Kuala Lumpur

Feb 6 – 9 , Feb 10 – OFF , Feb 11 – 14

Bridge Phone Calls: Dates to be announced soon

You will need to arrive a day before the training begins

Daily Schedule:

8:30- 11:00- Morning ceremony and intensive class
11:00- 1:00- Break
1:10- 6:00 afternoon- sequencing, teaching and feedback, basic level ceremony, guides writing process.


Training Fee:

Full price $2,000 USD and 5% early bird and 5% for FY Hoop members.  Additional 20% for returning mentees. No instalment payment.

Early bird price available – 20 June – 20 September 2019

Schedule and Attendance Policy

100% attendance required (no tardiness) to ALL components of the program.

This program needs a minimum of 13 mentees. If minimum attendance is not met, then all registrants will be refunded. Before you proceed flight and hotel booking; please check with AIM YOGA by 1 December 2019, if the training have hit minimum number.

Enquiries about this training in Kuala Lumpur; email [Chester & Nick]

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