Forrest Yoga Mentorship with Darin Volwiler

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  • 06-20-2019 12:00 to 06-27-2019 14:00
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Forrest Yoga Mentorship with Darin Volwiler

06-20-2019 12:00 to 06-27-2019 14:00
June 20, 2019



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Forrest Yoga Mentorship with Darin Volwiler

06-20-2019 12:00 to 06-27-2019 14:00
June 20, 2019


Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program with Forrest Yoga Guardian Darin Volwiler

Stepping out of training and onto the path of teacher/healer can be intimidating.  We’re given all these really powerful tools and then want to learn more.  This is the opportunity to go deeper into your teaching.  This mentorship group will be capped at 10, allowing each time individually to grow, learn, connect.

This program is open to individuals who have completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training Course.
This program includes and 8-day workshops, four bridge calls, ongoing support with certification and community interaction.
The 8-day workshop includes morning practice (meditation, chanting and ceremony), instruction in hands-on assisting, sequencing, practice teaching and receiving teaching feedback, level 1 ceremony and process work.

Why the FY Mentorship Program?
* Continue to Develop Forrest Yoga Teaching Skill: Technical and Emotional
* Increase Hands-on Assisting Skills
* Maintain Community with other Forrest Yoga Teachers
* Structured Guidance and Support Through the Certification Process
* Fulfills Requirement for Forrest Yoga Level 3 Certification

About Darin:
Darin completed his FYFTT in 2014, the FYATT in 2015, and became a Guardian-in-Training in 2016, completing this training in 2018.  He has incredible passion to teach, finding his purpose in helping others along their healing journey.  Working with Darin in this mentorship will remind you of why you teach, how you heal, and hone in your skills as both teacher/healer so you can step into your biggest, brightest, best, most kind, and most magickal self.

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