Forrest Yoga Four Workshop Quest


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  • 11-28-2015 12:00 to 11-29-2015 14:00
  • nan

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Forrest Yoga Four Workshop Quest

11-28-2015 12:00 to 11-29-2015 14:00
November 28, 2015



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Forrest Yoga Four Workshop Quest

11-28-2015 12:00 to 11-29-2015 14:00
November 28, 2015


Join Jambo for an exciting Forrest Yoga journey in the French Mediterranean port city of Marseille. This weekend series of 4 workshops is designed to take you on a Forrest Yoga quest to delight your spirit. Workshops can be done individually but best experienced as a journey. (Workshop will be taught in English with French interpreter)

Workshop 1: Nov.28, 10:30am-1pm – Unlocking the shoulders and hips

This workshop balances the pulls between shoulders and hips. The relationship between these two areas affects shoulder mobility and strength. This workshop explores the Forrest Yoga poses that loosen tight shoulders and hips! This foundation session teaches the basic moves and breathing techniques that you will need to support you through the weekend and in life!

Workshop 2: Nov.28, 2:30pm-5pm – Romancing the core

This workshop addresses the many components that build up your core. You will learn how to breathe into these components and strengthen them. This session takes your inner stability past your abs and into a place that strengthens your foundations.

This workshop prepares practitioners for doing inversions and arm balances safely. This sequence is also beneficial for those who have lower back pain.

Workshop 3: Nov.29, 10:30am-13pm – Intro to handstands + anatomy of legs and shoulders

This internationally requested workshop teaches the foundations of how to prepare and enjoy integrating handstands into your practice. The session builds upon itself Jambo2_croppedas we explore the correct structure of the shoulders, neck and core. Also learn how energy in the legs is an additional secret to feel lighter whilst kicking up and staying up.

Workshop 4: Nov.29, 2:30pm-5pm – Gravity Surfing

This advanced session is open to advanced practitioners (min 2 years of regular practice) or individuals who have attended the previous 3 workshops.

Gravity surfing is learning how to surf from one arm balance to another without touching the floor. Expect a lot of fun handstand drills to prepare your strength and to help you feel confident giving these transitions a go!

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