Forrest Yoga and Dolphin Retreat in the Bahamas


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  • 08-21-2016 12:00 to 08-27-2016 14:00
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Forrest Yoga and Dolphin Retreat in the Bahamas

08-21-2016 12:00 to 08-27-2016 14:00
August 21, 2016



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Forrest Yoga and Dolphin Retreat in the Bahamas

08-21-2016 12:00 to 08-27-2016 14:00
August 21, 2016


Bimini Bahamas Aug 21-27th, 2016 with Forrest Yoga Teacher Nathalie Lefave

Upon landing in Bimini, you are welcome by the warmth and slight breeze off the Bahamian coast.

Every morning, you will be invited to join a meditation and yoga class to set your intention for the day. The theme of each class will be on the subject of Creating Positive Abundance in your life. A nutritious breakfast will be served after class.

Children will enjoy a fun yoga class mid-morning and adults can take a walk on the white sandy beach, relax, go for a swim or have a 20 minute mindset coaching session.

Then, we are off sailing on the wonderful WildQuest catamaran searching for the wild dolphins. You will bask in the warm sun, enjoy wonderful conversations, relax, nap and have profound connections during the dolphin encounters. A packed lunch will also be enjoyed on the catamaran. You will have the unique opportunity to visit the famous Atlantis Stones believed to be remains from the Lost Land of Atlantis, and snorkel coral reefs around the island, exploring the beauty of this wondrous underwater world.

Your evening will comprise of a delicious and healthy dinner prepared by the resident chef Tara and one evening out to enjoy the local cuisine. After dinner, we gather around a fire to enjoy the coastal breeze and starry nights!

Dan and Nathalie will be available for support throughout the retreat as you process and put into practice the teachings of how to Create Positive Abundance in your life using Dolphin Medicine!!!

We personally invite you to join us on this sacred journey with your loved ones or alone to explore your connection with the dolphins, friends, nature and your soul! This Once-In-A-Lifetime experience can steer you on your unique path that the universe has planned for you and help you to live an authentic life filled with abundance.

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