Experimental Anatomy with Jambo Truong


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  • 05-02-2019 12:00 to 05-05-2019 14:00
  • nan

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Experimental Anatomy with Jambo Truong

05-02-2019 12:00 to 05-05-2019 14:00
May 2, 2019



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Experimental Anatomy with Jambo Truong

05-02-2019 12:00 to 05-05-2019 14:00
May 2, 2019


This Immersion highlights the key structural muscles that every yoga teacher needs to know about. These structural muscles have many incredible functions and when they are dysfunctional, they can cause pain, limit mobility and strength development. By studying their unique personalities, practitioners will be able to confidently know where to start when working with limited mobility caused by injuries and pain.

Each day will set a meditative intent followed by a yoga practice that is designed to enable practitioners to feel their own anatomy. By receiving specific cues, practitioners familiarise themselves with functional movement patterns that open up poses in a way that is designed to inform your system of practice, no matter what style of yoga or bodywork you practise.

Afternoons are combined with short lectures on sub systems of movement patterns and a lot practical work. It is designed to be experiential because this method is more memorable.

You will learn:
* stories about these movement sub-systems,
* how to access muscles in your own body as well as many other body types to familiarise yourself with the uniqueness of each individual
* how to test movement patterns by learning a range of muscle tests that will help you further understand how these muscles go into strength.

Expect a combination of hands on assists and bodywork to gift you the tools to implement these therapeutic techniques into your chosen modality.

Module 2:
2nd of May to 5th of May 2019
10:00-18:00 daily
Cost for module 2: 3900 SEK

REGISTER by emailing helena@yogaisater.com

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