Effective Coaching & Teaching CET with Guardians Alexandra Sagorz-Zimmerl and Victoria Kourkaki

  • Nama Yoga Studio, Fokidos 26, Menemeni 115 26, Greece
  • May 23rd - 28th 2023
  • https://www.victoriakourkaki.yoga
This is a Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers. In the Forrest Yoga teaching system, this is a requirement to obtain Level 3. The Forrest Yoga® Continuing Education for Effective Coaching and Teaching is a 6-day training designed for Forrest Yoga® Teachers who want to assist Forrest Yoga® Teacher Trainings, those interested in teaching others how to teach, and those wanting to up-level their teaching and assisting skills. Open to teachers from all yoga lineages.


You will learn and practice:

• How to be a teacher, an assistant, a teacher’s coach and an assistant’s coach, a lead assistant – many different roles.

• How to work with triggers and challenges that trainees face and understand them with compassionate coaching techniques

• How to coach hands-on assists

• How to give effective feedback that lands with each particular student.

• How to create and hold a safe space for learning and growing.

The aim of the training is to make you a compassionate and intelligent coach and teacher, so you are better equipped to deal with whatever challenges you and your students may face.

This training will deepen your own teaching process and bring more awareness to how effective you are as a teacher! It will deepen your experience as a coach.

Co-taught by Forrest Yoga Guardians Alexandra Sagorz-Zimmerl and Victoria Kourkaki, this training teaches Assistants and Yoga Teachers how to coach and teach trainees within the Forrest Yoga® teacher training curriculum.

We will start with a 3 hour Forrest Yoga Ceremony & Asana Practice with teaching themes related to how to support and mentor others. The morning intensives will deepen your understanding as a coach and will up-level your asana practice.

• 46-hour credit towards the 300-Hour Forrest Yoga® Advanced Teacher Training.
• Awarded Forrest Yoga Level 3 Certification if you have finished the Level 2 Homework and the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program
• Eligible to assist Forrest Yoga® Teacher Trainings
• This CET is a module of the 300-Hour Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Program and is a requirement to finish the 300h program.


There are 2 different enrolment types in this training: Lead Assistant or Assistant.
Lead Assistant spots are limited to 2. The requirement to enrol as a Lead Assistant is that you must have previously assisted a Forrest Yoga Weekend Workshop. No assisting experience is required for an Assistant’s spot.


You must be a graduate of the 200-Hour Forrest Yoga® Foundation Teacher Training or a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training of a different lineage with a regular Forrest Yoga Practice.


Daily Schedule
Each day starts off with a ceremony including meditation to set the intent for the day and create the space for healing and connection. The 2,5 hour asana practice will create a heightened sense of physical, emotional and spiritual awareness while challenging every muscle and cell in your body.
You will feel cleansed, refreshed and alive. The intensives are a sanctuary where you can go beyond your perceived limitations. Injuries and special needs are addressed so that each trainee experiences these classes as part of his or her own healing practice.
The afternoon sessions focus on teaching you how to be an effective coach and teacher.
Lead Assistants in Training also participate in the early morning practice prior to the Morning Intensive.


Morning Forrest Yoga Intensive: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Afternoon Training Session: 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Lead Assist Spot includes 6:00 – 8:30 AM Practice Session


Deposit by 31/1 300€
Standard pricing 1100€
Lead Assistant Spot 1200€


About the instructors:
Alexandra Sagorz-Zimmerl (she/her) is the founder and owner of bYOGA in Vienna and has been inspiring a steadily growing community of people for more than 15 years. Her intention is to give her students the best possible experience in class, which means finding balance between challenging them and keeping them safe, finding their own potential. Besides her various studies in human energetics to broaden her expertise, she is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a body-oriented approach to resolve trauma & other stress disorders. Her teachings are a gift of grounding experience and right on the spot. You can expect clear and precise directions and hands-on–assists, to feel more aligned and home in your body. She shares a positive attitude and optimism and would name herself a compassionate resourceful person.

Victoria Kourkaki (she/her) is the founder and owner of Nama Yoga Studio in Athens, Greece and the leader of the studio, seminars and training programs. She has been practicing since 2008 and teaching since 2012. Victoria has been passionately building the Forrest Yoga Community in Greece the last 10 years. Victoria’s teaching comes from a very authentic place inside of her. She has a magical voice and a magical, healing touch that can travel someone to depths inside themselves. Her teaching is soothing, focused and uplifting. Her classes are strong, healing and fun. She is interested in helping people alleviate their pain and get centred in their core so that they move in life pain-free and confident. Her generosity can be experienced by the student as the best support system during the class. Victoria’s classrooms are safe, open to all levels and all ages and they are full of dedication to the student and the energy shared in this mutual journey of exploration and connectedness.

Thank you Kindly

Effective Coaching & Teaching CET with Guardians Alexandra Sagorz-Zimmerl and Victoria Kourkaki


05-23-2023 6:30 to 05-28-2023 18:30
May 23, 2023


Victoria Kourkaki


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Effective Coaching & Teaching CET with Guardians Alexandra Sagorz-Zimmerl and Victoria Kourkaki


05-23-2023 6:30 to 05-28-2023 18:30
May 23, 2023