Cultivating Passion with Forrest Yoga


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  • April 2, 2017
  • Sunday, 12PM to 2PM
  • nan

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Cultivating Passion with Forrest Yoga

Sunday, 12PM to 2PM
April 2, 2017



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Cultivating Passion with Forrest Yoga

Sunday, 12PM to 2PM
April 2, 2017


12-2pm (yoga class)
2:30-6 (workshop/training)

Cultivating Passion with Forrest Yoga (2 hour Yoga Class)

Rekindle the fires of passion and pleasure with Forrest Yoga. Reconnect to your energy and delight in your strength. Bring healing and inspiration into your personal practice. Learn to make your practice exhilarating and delicious.

The A, B, C’s of Forrest Yoga: Understanding the Magic of this Healing Practice (3.5 Hour Workshop/Training)

Have you ever left a yoga class completely blown away by the quality of the teacher and format of the class? At the teacher’s ability to weave the intent of the class seemingly into the body of the class or speak with passion and authenticity?  At the teacher’s uncanny ability to read your body and know exactly what you need to move deeper or work without pain or struggle?

These are just some of the key ingredients of a Forrest Yoga class.

In this immersion you will learn the following:

the Basic Moves of Forrest Yoga
the Four Pillars of Forrest Yoga
how to safely and intelligently warm up the body
how to weave purposeful intents into your classes and your life
how to speak and teach from a place of authenticity
how to get your students feeling deeply on the mat and how to help your students hold steady at an intense edge

This workshop is for yoga teachers and practitioners.

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