Cultivating a healthy pelvis 300hr CET with Guardian Charlie Speller

  • Castelnau-Magnoac, 65230, France
  • 9-13 April, 2022
Well over half of the people with vulva anatomy that come to your yoga classes will experience some kind of pelvic issue. If we include pregnancy and postpartum care as part of that statistic, the numbers are higher. This CET is a fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with the “mysteries” of the pelvis from a Forrest Yoga perspective. You will learn how to support your students as their pelvic anatomy goes through biomechanical, biochemical, emotional and even surgical changes during their life.

We’ll focus on these key areas of pelvic health:
~ How to use Forrest Yoga to aid conception.
~ How to modify Forrest Yoga for pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation.
~ Building longevity and optimal pelvic health throughout life.

And importantly, you’ll learn that many of the fundamentals of Forrest Yoga are extremely helpful for pelvic health and the reasons why.

Course Specialities:

~ Ceremony, meditation and a pelvic-centric Forrest Yoga/Forrest Yoga Inspired practice each day.
~ Sequencing & poses and pose modifications  for conception, pregnancy, postpartum rehabilitation, pelvic injuries/surgeries (prolapse, hysterectomy, appendectomy, episiotomy, caesarean etc)
~ Basic pelvic anatomy via somatic practices
~ Insights into non-invasive holistic practices for pelvic health
~ Hands on assists and hands on bodywork for pelvic health

Who is the course for?

— Yoga teachers who teach people with vulvas and vulva owners. This course is particularly great for teachers whose students have reached or are approaching menopause, who have experienced organ prolapse, incontinence, surgery that affects the pelvic floor (including hysterectomy and cesarean) and those who have a difficult relationship with feeling grounded or sensual.

— Yoga teachers working towards their 300/500hr Forrest Yoga certification. This course is a total of 31 hours. 


Day 1 & 2:
Morning  9am-12pm (CET)
Afternoon 1pm-4pm (CET)

Day 3 & 4: 
Morning 9am-12pm (CET)
Afternoon 1pm-4.30pm (CET)

Day 5: 
Morning 9am-12pm (CET)
Afternoon 1pm-4pm (CET)

Pricing (Full details below):

I am using a tiered approach to pricing this training. It’s my way of addressing some of the systemic inequalities of race and class. Please pay on the scale according to your ability, resources, and privilege. Thank you.

Expand the sections below to find out which price is your price.
If you prefer to pay in GBP or USD we can arrange, and if you need a payment plan, get in touch. 


This event takes place at my studio in a small rural town with the backdrop of the Pyrenees mountains. We are walking distance to a swimming lake and the Pyrenees (mountains) are an hour away. 

Accommodation & Travel:

The closest airports for this training are Toulouse and Lourdes. We can help with travel and accommodation arrangements — car hire, airport transfers etc.


There is some accommodation on site 2 x shared rooms and 1 x double room with private shower. All at affordable prices.

If you are thinking of coming with family or want to stay as a group, there are Gites and larger accommodations close by.


If people are interested, I will organise a lunch and dinner package with a local chef.

*** The French government announced that their “pass vaccinal” will be lifted from 15 March 2022. Please check your government websites to find out what travel rules apply***


More info: Lumia Life

Thank you Kindly

Cultivating a healthy pelvis 300hr CET with Guardian Charlie Speller


Monday, 8PM to 8PM
March 7, 2022


Cultivating a healthy pelvis 300hr CET with Guardian Charlie Speller


Monday, 8PM to 8PM
March 7, 2022