Chakra Journey Workshop Series in Florida – “Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras”


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  • April 15, 2017
  • Saturday, 1PM to 3PM
  • nan

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Chakra Journey Workshop Series in Florida – “Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras”

Saturday, 1PM to 3PM
April 15, 2017



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Chakra Journey Workshop Series in Florida – “Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras”

Saturday, 1PM to 3PM
April 15, 2017


LOCATION: Zeal Yoga, Jupiter, Florida
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Deepen your practice and connection to your authentic self in this workshop series designed to explore the subtle and powerful connections between your mind, body and spirit.

According to yogic tradition, chakras are internal energy centers where emotion and thought connect with the physical body.  This interaction affects your health, posture, behavior and interactions with others. When the flow of energy is open and balanced you feel invigorated, peaceful and at ease in the world and within yourself.

When that flow is blocked, physical, mental, or emotional imbalances will manifest. This may include anxiety, poor digestion, physical weakness, disconnection and depression.

By moving these blockages and balancing your energetic centers, you will deepen your understanding of yourself and the subtle mind-body connection, creating opportunities for growth, healing and transformation.

Each workshop will focus on specific chakras, physical and emotional symptoms of blockage and how to bring balance and healing to them through movement, breath and visualization as well as additional tools including music, essential oils, color and gemstones. Sign up for one or all three and save!

Included with each workshop is a goody bag of information and tools to further support your exploration of the chakras at home. Bring your notebook and pen.

Cost: $125 for the series or $50 for an individual workshop

Step Into Your Wiser Self: Chakras 5, 6 & 7 (Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras)
The top 3 chakras are located in the throat, between the eyes and at the crown of the head.  They are the home of self-expression, communication, intuition, intellect and our connection to spirituality and higher consciousness.

When we feel unable to speak up for ourselves or ask for what we need, get stuck in old beliefs or distrust the flow of life, these areas shut down. Physically this can lead to pain and dysfunction in the throat, jaw, neck and eyes, as well as headaches, anxiety and thyroid, vision, immune system and psychological disorders.  Emotionally, we feel confused, overwhelmed, isolated and depressed with no clear direction forward.

In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll explore some of the reasons these chakras become blocked and tools for bringing physical and emotional balance to them.

Our yoga practice will include breath work (pranayama) and asana, focusing on creating ease in the shoulders and neck, opening up this vital mind-body connection while playing with exhilarating inversions. Appropriate for all levels.

For questions or more info, contact Lisa Day.