My name is Anna and I am from Greece. I was introduced to Forrest Yoga 8 years ago by Victoria Kourkaki; after a few months of practice I told myself that one day I’ll become a Forrest Yoga teacher.
Back then, it seemed impossible for multiple reasons.
For me, Forrest Yoga was a challenge: I liked the spiritual aspect, but at the same time it was difficult for me to let loose and explore all the feelings and stories that my body had stored.

So I quit, tried many other yoga systems, but nothing could compare to Forrest Yoga and the FY classes that I had experienced before. Something always was missing: it was the unique combination of poses, assists, healing and connection with the spirit.

Some years later, life brought me back to Forrest Yoga. It was meant to be.
I became a Forrest Yoga teacher and I’m honored to be an Ambassador and a member of the Forrest Yoga tribe.

During my journey in Forrest Yoga, I have been taught many things – how to quiet my mind and listen to my body above all.
I joined the Teacher training while having wrist injuries, so I cultivated new skills, I learned how to adjust the poses, to be patient, to trust myself, my teachers & the universe. My wrists are getting better and I’m able to do things that I couldn’t even imagine 2 years ago.

Ana & Jose have created an incredible ceremonial yoga practice and I’m really thankful for all the gifts they have shared with us.

I’m in love with FY, I believe in it and I really want to do my part in mending the hoop of people.

Your body has a story to tell and by practicing Forrest Yoga you become able to listen to it.

Walk in beauty!

Learn more about her & her classes here.

P.S. I would like to thank Bessy Trigka, Emmanouela Damaskou & Tonia Chatziantoniou (Greek FY teachers) – each of them played a special role in my reconnection with Forrest Yoga.