@yoginiangelina is one of our Forrest Yoga Ambassadors and is internationally renowned as a women’s

rights activist.Angelina came to Forrest Yoga while discovering the technique during a tumultuous and dark time in her life.

She started at Hibs Yoga with Heba Saab, and there discovered that her teacher was teaching Forrest Yoga. Angelina b

ecame enthralled by how Forrest Yoga fuses Native American teachings, working with trauma and yoga to teach others the art of breathing and how to feel in their

The journey to discovering herself and finding her inner peace inspired her to dive deeper into the healing arts. Through her work, Angelina has become an advocate for women and a champion of children’s rights.

Through sharing her story, Angelina teaches others how to tap into their inner strength to break the chains of a world that causes them pain.

Through her work, Angelina hopes to “ensure that no woman or child endures what I did but is inspired to bring love and light to their heart.”