My name is Abri and I’m a level 4 FY teacher & Masters’ Degree holder in Finance. I live in Indonesia with my husband and 2 sons.

A school teacher at Sekolah Cipta Cendikia and a yoga teacher for young athletes at Cipta Cendikia Football academy. I have witnessed how my students play hard in the soccer field with ease and how they have minimised injury by using their breath and core as their power.

Starting with Jambo, my Forrest yoga journey began when I finally felt my breath as my core. FYFTT with Jambo & Shinhee (2018) has healed my cancer and I began to believe truly that I am enough. I learned from Ana & Jose that nature is the best teacher of all me. It taught me how to keep breathing deeply and to easily ‘hang out’ with the mystery of myself.

Practicing FY changed the relationship between me and my anger.

I have chosen to study and grow with FY. I really feel the meaning of Education is my spiritual journey and learning is a healing process.

There is a lovely princess
She lives amongst many people
Learning is a healing process
That is my principle